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Памятник академику К.И.Сатпаеву
г.Жезказган. Площадь имени Сатпаева
Гостиница Байконур
4-звездочный отель на берегу водохранилища
Проспект Алашахана
Одна из главных улиц города. Вид с акимата.
Президент РК Н.А.Назарбаев
В ходе визита в г.Жезказган. На митинге.
Вид Кенгирского водохранилища на закате
Вид Кенгирского водохранилища на закате
“Makpal” : World of dancing, music and talent In the current year exemplary choreographic ensemble “Makpal” is 17 years old.  It is a lot of it or a little?  For the person the age approached to majority, is time se...
Management of city highways replenished with new special equipment. Local authorities made request in area, as a result on 53 million 688 thousand tenge 5 units of special equipment were acquired: KamAZ, grader, ZIL, snowplow and loader. As the akim ...
UNEXPECTED MIRACLE In Kazakh drama theater by S. Kozhamkulov took place a premiere of performance "to Keshikpe, makhabbat" – "While she died" according to the play of the modern Moscow playwright Nadezhda Ptushkina. The act...

Ежедневные курсы валют в Республике Казахстан

Dear Internet users!

    Ancient Kazakhstan has been famous for a long time the underground treasures. The copper deposit of Zhezkazgan was known by mankind 3000 years ago, but the working settlement "Big Zhezkazgan" has been transformed to Zhezkazgan city on 20, December, 1954 by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of KazSSR.
    Today Zhezkazgan is the centre of Sary-Arka with its copper riches, the leader of the industry of all Republic.
    I am sure that the information placed on pages of the official site, will allow you to learn more about economic, cultural, social and political life of the city.
    Dear friends, welcome to Zhezkazgan city in virtual and real measurement.
   Yours faithfully, Serik Zhamankulovich Shaidarov,

 the Akim of Zhezkazgan

The center of service of the population informs about
"The electronic government" Portal
"The electronic government" is the wide state system uniting information systems of government structures for rendering the state services online. By www.egov.kz web portal each Kazakhstan citizen at any time from any point of the country and the world can submit the application, to receive the reference, to pay a tax or a penalty and to learn how to receive this or that service.
There are many electronic services in thematic sections on real estate, the family relations, education and innovations, culture, employment, social security, nationality, transport, health, tourism and other spheres of activity of the person on a portal regularly.
By means of a portal is possible to resolve thousands daily questions connected with the address to government structures: to receive the address reference, extracts about pension assignments, SIC (social individual code), to pay utilities, to put the child on a waiting list in a kindergarten, to register in an appointment, etc. There are services for special cases: on www.egov.kz.  It is possible to submit the application for registration of marriage or to use the composite service "Birth of the Child".
Each user can find service for himself: motorists – can pay penalties for violation of traffic regulations, parents – to define children in educational institutions, businessmen – to register the business and to pay taxes.
The saving of time, absence of turns, reduction of number of necessary documents due to inquiries in the state databases belongs to advantages of receiving services on "the electronic government" portal. And the most important is that all services are available online, in any time convenient for you.
To get access to portal services, it is necessary to pass simple process of registration: to accept terms of service, to enter the individual identification number (IIN) and to think up the password. Besides, for obtaining a certain list of services you should require a digital signature of the user, which electronic analog of the traditional signature is.
Portal of "the electronic government" is the resource of forming new level of rendering the state services. eGov.kz is a minimum of provided documents, time expenditure and absence of bureaucratic obstacles.
In 2012 the level of development of "the electronic government" in Kazakhstan was highly appreciated by the world community. In an UN rating in comparison with 2010 the state rose from the 46th by the 38th place. Thus the index of online services grew by 10 positions and telecommunication infrastructure by 14 positions. On an e-participation index which defines possibility of communication of citizens with the government, Kazakhstan took the 2nd place.

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